by Wholesome Rage | 9 February 2020

Earlier this week, I got asked as someone with PTSD, what it’s like to deal with it.

I didn’t think I’d have nearly as much to say on this topic as I apparently did. I ended up posting this as a stream of thought in chat logs.

There’s an earlier version of this article that tried to be more focused on how to write it, but I found myself split between two purposes: Trying to convey my experiences with PTSD as faithfully as possible, and trying to give advice on writing characters with it.

After some editors whapped me around the head with a rolled up newspaper - and love - I was told that talking about my experiences was the more interesting half of this.

I’ve transcribed the chatlogs of how I first replied to this here, because I think there’s a value in the rawness of that stream of thought. Honestly, though, I don’t think I have it in me to write it out again.

If you find that a barrier to reading, though, then you can skip to the second break.

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The Art of Murder

by Wholesome Rage | 15 August 2019

A few articles ago, I came up with a prompt for an all-fighter murder mystery tabletop campaign. Someone liked it so much that they’ve commissioned me to actually write one..

It’s been great fun! But it’s also made me have to think hard about how I’d go about making one. The hardest part, conceptually, was asking what a good murder-mystery to play even was. What I thought would be a simple question made me realize a lot of my examples gave lessons that were mutually exclusive.

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The Economicon, Part 1

by Wholesome Rage | 25 July 2019

There’s a really funny thing about economic conferences. They just let you in, if you sign up.

I attended the 2019 Inequality of Opportunity conference in Brisbane. I paid the entry fee, registered under Wholesome Rage as my company name, and they just… let me in. There I was, some random blogger, in a room full of people either with doctorates in economics or political science, or actively getting one. Many were presenting their papers.

A lot of fun. Absolutely terrifying.

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