What Capitalism Isn't

by Wholesome Rage | 1 January 2021

My biggest problem, when I tell people I’m anticapitalist, is the realization that the person I just said it to has no idea what capitalism actually is. So, I get a tortured reply defending whatever that person thinks capitalism is, which is inevitably whatever good quality they’ve projected as inherent to the system they live in.

This has happened enough times that I feel like I need to just come out and say what capitalism isn’t. Work forwards from that.

Let’s work forward from what I’d argue capitalism is, as distinct from anything else.

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Against Advertising

by Wholesome Rage | 1 January 2021

This started at a train station.

I was watching ads play on a gigantic TV built into the walls of the train line. I didn’t think about it at first, but then I realized what I wasn’t thinking about. It felt like I’d been put to sleep.

When I started thinking about that, I realized it was a deliberate decision someone else had made, that I was supposed to feel like that. Which got me thinking, and the more I thought about how deliberate that feeling was, the angrier I got. First I was disgusted about what was being done to me. Then, horrified when I realized the scale of the problem.

It wasn’t what was being advertised - I don’t even remember. It was the realization of what it meant that I was being advertised to.

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How to Apply for Newstart

by Wholesome Rage | 31 March 2020

Editor’s Note: This article was written anonymously. My own contributions have been the formatting, the hosting and the mouseover text - which I have added seeking forgiveness, not permission. Any mistakes made in those areas are wholly mine.

It seems like most of the articles written about this are written by people who haven’t actually done it themselves and boil down to “Go to the site and apply”, so I thought I’d make something a little more helpful if you are wanting a real overview of what to expect. Originally I was going to record every single step and question, but after submitting my claim it wouldn’t let me start another one for that purpose. Which makes sense, and is why I wasn’t expecting it.

If you know how to get to the Centrelink site, feel free to skip past to 3. Start your claim.

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