Cannabalism and Carbon Costs

by Wholesome Rage | 17 May 2019

There’s a famous Joseph Stalin quote that goes; “One death is a tragedy, a million is a statistic”. There’s an element of truth to it.

There’s also a tradition in economics that, when concepts get too big, you start breaking them down into helpful visuals.

Unfortunately, I’ve decided to twist their powers to convert statistics back into tragedies.

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Coffee and Cannabalism

by Wholesome Rage | 10 May 2019

One of the hardest parts of weekly updates is coming up with ideas every week. Writing advice especially: It’s hard to know what you know. An advantage of taking editing commissions, then, is finding out what other people don’t know when I have to explain things.

This led to me having to explain two things that I’ve been careful of in my writing, but never actually had to think about before. Which probably means it’s something I’ve never seen taught, and I’m not plagiarizing anyone by giving this advice.


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Emotional Writers Block

by Wholesome Rage | 2 May 2019

Art requires mental and emotional labour. Artists often feel guilty they’re not really working because they’re not lifting, carrying, moving… producing. They’re just doing their ‘dumb’ hobbies for an audience. They’re trying to make work they’re proud of, but it doesn’t feel like… well. Work-work.

Which is probably why it hurts that much worse when you can’t, say, make a minimum word count for the day. Because it can feel like if it’s not really ‘work’, then it shouldn’t be so hard to do.

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