Christchurch and PewDiePie

by Wholesome Rage | 15 March 2019

So a mass shooting in New Zealand occurs. 49 dead, 20 seriously wounded by right wing mass shooters specifically citing the ‘great replacement’ racial science theory. This becomes an Australian story, because the shooter was an Australian emigrant.

So of course a senator from my state is making the news with their official statement.

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That Joke In Anime

by Wholesome Rage | 13 March 2019

[Transcript follows]

One of the commissions I offer is that, for just $7US per hour of content, I’ll sit through anything you want me to and I’ll catalogue the results live in my Discord server.

So far a lot of people have taken me up on this offer. I’ve even watched the single worst thing on Netflix, Leo the Lion, which will haunt my nightmares for as long as I live. Every time I close my eyes, I see the badly 3DCG baby lion-elephant hybrids imprinted behind them, and I break out in a cold sweat.

The rest has, without exception, been anime. All of it. A lot of anime.

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Rossisms, or Finding Your Voice

by Wholesome Rage | 7 March 2019

Doing the last article using examples gave me an idea.

I tried to keep emphasizing that what I like isn’t necessarily what everyone will think of as good writing in the process of giving general advice. But why not write about why I like what I like, and why I write the way I write?

Every author has a ‘voice’ they need to find for themselves, something that makes their work distinct and recognizable. So why not ask what my voice sounds like?

This is usually way more obvious to an audience than an author. The sound of your voice echoes the sounds of your thoughts, and it’s hard to hear your own thoughts clearly. It’s not like being able to listen to a recording of your own voice. You can get that icky feeling, but still not get what it sounds like to other people.

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