Sick Week: An Archer Script

by Wholesome Rage | 2 November 2018

So I’ve been massively sick. Double ear infection, antibiotics, the works. I haven’t been able to do anything except binge media and moan a lot.

This as opposed to my routine of reading the news and moaning a lot. Far more productive.

However! However, a small respite. I can still put something up this week. I submitted an Archer script to Nickolodeon several months ago, for their international writers program. Thousands of submissions, only one open position.

Obviously I didn’t get it. This was always like spending a month’s work on a scratcher ticket.

However, that means it’s no longer I can post it freely. So, for this week, here’s a example of a screenplay I wrote.

For your reading pleasure, I present to you my take on an Archer script, back when I didn’t know Season 9 was a real thing that was going to happen.

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